[Wifidog] WifiDog ConTroL facility

Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux saruman at northernhacking.org
Sat Jul 31 21:38:01 EDT 2004


	So, since I'm at Defcon this week-end, I hacked up a facility to
control the running wifidog gateway, it's called "wdctl" and it works
through a Unix domain socket (/tmp/wdctl.sock by default).

	It can:

		"stop" a wifidog gateway (wifidog self kill -INT)
		get "status" of connections (ip, mac, token, in & out bytes)
		"reset" running connections (fw_deny(), they can relogin)
	It looks like it works well. I'll be running it through an extra
shakedown on a lab linux box now since it looks like the poolside wireless
is up ;-).


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