[Wifidog] RE: presentation of wifidog in nyc?

Michael Lenczner michaellenczner at yahoo.ca
Wed Dec 8 23:12:58 EST 2004

 --- "Ben N. Serebin" <ben at nycwireless.net> wrote: 
> Hello Mike,
> 	Yes, this will go out on our NYCw mailing lists,
> website, and a
> few NYC publications announcing our meetings.
> 	Can you please provide a brief description of your
> planned
> presentation, a BIO on you, and the group.

Well?  Whose going to come down?.  I know that Benoit
will make himself available.

I also know that they don't want my "BIO".  The
presentation isn't on ISF, it's on WD, and that has
very little to do with me.  I'll be there more as part
of the audience.

Also, I think that we should see if we can have an
wifidog training session the next day.

Benoit, can you send them your bio?  If anybody else
is available, fait signe a benoit before tomorrow at 6
and include your bio.

I can handle a description of the group:

from our website:

"IleSansFil (Wireless Island) is a volunteer-run,
non-profit organization whose main mission is to
promote free public wireless internet access in

We believe that technology can be used to bring people
together and foster a sense of community. In pursuit
of that goal, Ile Sans Fil will be using it's hotspots
to promote interaction between users, present new
media art, and provide geographically- and
community-relevant information."

> Thanks,
> -Ben

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