[Wifidog] Re: Fwd: WiFiDog trial with NYCwireless

Pascal Leclerc leclerc.pascal at ireq.ca
Tue Dec 7 16:35:44 EST 2004

Benoit Grégoire wrote:

>On Tuesday 07 December 2004 14:48, Michael Lenczner wrote:
>>I'm starting to look into using WiFiDog with our community hotspot
>>program. Do you know if the software runs on OS X? also, what is
>>required on the client side? I'd like to use m0n0wall as the client
>>platform, but this isn't a requirement.
>Wifidog is made up of two parts:
>-The wifidog  gateway, to be installed at the hotspot.  It's the captive 
>portal itself, and it runs on any linux based system.  It's much smaller than 
>m0n0wall,, it even fits on an a Linksys WRT54G running OpenWrt, which makes 
>it very cheap to deploy: <100$ per node.  Stable version 1.0.2 is due by the 
>end of the week.  It could architecturally be made to work on Mac OS X and 
>other BSD based OSs if someone implements the proper firewall code. 
>-The wifidog auth server, where most of the intelligence resides (local 
>content delivery, statistics, rss agregations, user management, etc).  This 
>is server software written in PHP, and will run on any platform using PHP and 
>PostgreSql, so it should run on MacOS X.  It's very stable, but it's missing 
>an andmin interface to add new hatspots (currently they have to be added 
>directly to the database).  For this reason it hasn't been released 
>publically yet, it must be grabbed from CVS.  I don't know the design of 
>m0n0wall's captive portal.  It probably could be made to talk to the wifidog 
>auth server, but i'm not sure that it would really be usefull to do so.
I'm planning to add the missing features of the admin interface as soon 
as I can (I don't know if others volunteers have time or planning this). 
I'm currently finishing some add-on to the OpenWRT web interface and I 
will switch to the auth-server code in the next weeks. And I will take a 
look to auth-server support of MySQL. Multi-database support is not a 
priority, but it can be usefull to some other community.


>Unlike NoCat, any client can connect to the WiFiDog captive portal, including 
>PDAs.  The firewall detects an inactive client through lack of traffic 
>instead of relying on a popup.
>I hope this answers your questions.  If you need anything else, feel free to 
>ask.  Also, there is more infromation on features at 
>Good evening,

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