[Wifidog] Re: piping to iptables-restore -n

David Vincelli micologist at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 21:43:09 EDT 2004

Continuing the conversation with myself :)

After looking at the actual code, the only places were this would be
feasible (and worth-while) include at most two system forks (permit or
deny a client, two forks each). I don't know if the performance gains
would be very noticeable. Perhaps they would be, you never know until
you try.

The reason I say it's not worth while anywhere else is because no one
really cares how long it takes to initialize or destroy the fw (they
are "one time" events). Of course, speeding them up would be a nice
thing as well but it is not crucial.

Asides from that, we have no quick mechanism to read counter values
from the tables.I think that what we are currently doing is the only
feasible way for the time being.

What a crappy "interface".

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