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Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Fri Apr 23 18:33:18 EDT 2004

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> Sol 2: We include iptables into src_topdir/iptables/, link to libiptc.a
> AND link with iptables.o to use all the code (we also have to include
> -ldl) because iptables will load libraries dynamically for matches like
> MAC (you know, the one we use? :P).

Ok, sounds easy enough to do.

> Then, we could make calls to functions in iptables.c that are a bit easier
> to work with.
> In fact, it'd be easier to use the function "do_command()" for pretty much
> everything and pass it the arguments like we were doing it on the command
> line.
> That way, we wouldn't be forking all the time to run iptables commands.
> ALSO, the good news is that we can use easi-er calls to libiptc to query
> (querying is much easier) for the counters and all (that will help a lot).
> Is this something we want to do?
> What do you all think about linking that way to iptables.o to use
> functions like "do_command()" (or other functions if they're easy enough
> to work with)?

I certainly like it better than calling shell scripts.

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