[Wifidog] Version 1.0

Philippe April papril777 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 19:24:37 EDT 2004

> 	Did you cvs tag before the change?

I did not commit yet.

>> Also, the way I had originally done the profiles and the tagging in the
>> firewall is tricky, and I don't think it's what we should aim for.
> 	Probably not.

If you can afford to say "probably not", maybe you could look at how it
should get done and suggest :) Since you have exposure to ipf and all of
those, maybe you can find a way that'll be easily portable.

> 	My idea is that they could either do it in the config file or in
> the central server but they should have the option to do it locally.

Ok let's focus on 1.0 with almost no custom stuff, then we'll debate on
this. I thought a mix would be good and I think we all agree about this
(local policies AND remote).

Someone has to come up with a diagram explaining the classes, the groups,


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