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Philippe April papril777 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 08:23:51 EDT 2004


We talked about the upcoming features of 1.0 and what it should include,
there is some existing code we will need to get rid of (or comment out)
because it does not apply right now and might not apply either in the

Here are the goals we need to achieve for 1.0:

- When you log in:
  General timeout (same for everybody) from the config
  * already pretty implemented, just needs tweaking
  Accounting (outbound traffic only at the moment)
  * already implemented
  Token re-validation
  * already implemented

- If a user wants to subscribe...
  He gets forwarded to 2060, WiFiDog redirects him to the auth server
  passing the hotspot's ID for a custom page, AND the URL requested by
  the user.

  He does not have an account, so he applies for one.
  He's told he has 15 minutes to go confirm his account, otherwise
  his status will be changed to lock.

  * this is all done by the authentication server. From now on, the
    authentication server will only say "yay" or "nay", and an optional
    error message. When the token gets re-validated every 5 minutes by
    WiFiDog (asking the auth server), for a "validation_required" status
    the auth server will change the status after 15 minutes if no
    confirmation has been done.

  * If he has not confirmed, his account his locked out and he STILL needs
    to confirm out of the hotspot or contact us if he wants access. Cleanup
    will be done after a month days.

  * If the user hasn't validated and his status is "disabled", we
    fire off an email again to the person saying what happened and how
    to confirm his email address.

So in general, it's the authentication server that makes the decisions
of yes or no. Eventually, he will push the entire profile of the user
(ACLs, traffic shaping rules, etc.)

I think the entire code for userclasses is not needed anymore and I will
remove it from CVS, but keep a diff of it in case I was wrong and we need
it, but as talked with Daniel Drouet and Benoit, I believe the goal is to
have hotspot owners customize what they want on the AUTH server and not on
the router, so no custom configuration on the router.

Of course, we need it to be super stable.

By sending the custom hotspot ID, when the user will be authenticated, we
will forward him to a URL on the auth server with the local content we
want to show, and a frame or bar at the top saying "you asked for this
URL, click this link if you want to go to it".

That's pretty much it.

So I'll start cleaning up the code, I'll keep a diff of what I remove, and
do more and more testing. Benoit suggested "#ifdef 0" all the code we
don't need now, but we have entire files (userclasses.c) we won't need, so
I think we should just diff it and remove it.

Philippe April

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