[Wifidog] Re: c'est arrivé sur wifi dog d'un non-membre...

Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Mon Apr 19 14:58:17 EDT 2004

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> Hi,
> What are the timescales for the project etc ?

Timescale is deployability within a few weeks, and feature completion (well, 
there are always new features) by the end of the summer.

> I'm using locustworld mesh software in a club wisp , and it uses
> nocatsplash.
> As a communcity project we need to spot people breaking the fair usage plan
> etc , and be able to remove them, or perhaps have bandwidth limit per
> month.

A good part of this should be handled by WifiDog.  Bandwith limiting per user 
per month should be a trivial server side hack once logging is complete.

> We'd like radius login , and per wireless IP logging, the possible of
> allowedwebhosts like nocat does so that people could check email without
> login etc.

At this point, RADIUS isn't planned.  Allowedwebhosts is an unavoidable 
feature.  What do you mean by wireless IP logging?  Total traffic will be 
logged, but not what sites were accessed, etc.

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