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Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux saruman at northernhacking.org
Wed Apr 14 22:47:48 EDT 2004

On Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 10:29:07PM -0400, Philippe April wrote:
> The good news is that even after Alex's amazing work on implementing the
> threads (which works really well so far), I can still compile and make it
> run on the WRT54G.

	Great ;-). Things are looking up.

> All that's tricky, is the actual linking... Since libpthread.so doesn't
> [snip]
> using the one provided by linksys... openwrt recompiles it I think).

	I guess that for now we could contend with an INSTALL.openwrt
file. Most people should be proficient enough if they seriously plan
on running wifidog on a WRT54G. Also, the hardware platform is "stable"
enough that we could cut a corner and release a static binary ;-).

> The only thing weird is that doing CTRL-C would call fw_destroy twice,
> probably a minor bug.

	Heh, a linux thing I think. Also technically, it could call
fw_destroy 3 or more times. I don't think it matters much. We could use
a mutex and have the signal handler try it and return if the try is
unsuccessful. That would guarantee only one handler being run.

> I only tried running it btw, I could not try the actual captive portal
> thing because it's getting late now and my WRT54G is not using the
> "Internet" port at the moment (acting as a switch only basically).
> I'll give it a try tomorrow night and keep you updated... Again, great
> work Alex.

	Cool. All the changes since our phone call are features that have
been added but not core functionalities.



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