[Wifidog] Meeting

Philippe April papril777 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 10 07:56:31 EDT 2004

Let's try this again.

How about tuesday night? (sorry Tony, we need to have it ASAP and friday
didn't work, so..)

It does not have to take long, we just have to be focused and write down a
little agenda before.

Alexandre, Pascal, Mina, (Benoit, well you might or might not want to be
involved, you're pretty busy already)?

So before it's a go, I need to receive confirmation. For further meetings,
maybe we could think about exchanging contact information because it looks
like we all have busy schedules and it's hard to reach each other.

Oh and the location doesn't matter, but Alexandre already suggested his
place so if nobody's against, I believe it's on the Plateau.

Hope to hear from you soon,


> Well,
> If anybody decide that it still a good idea to meet today, I will be
> availiable. However, next week, I won't be in town. (I'm going to the
> Realworld Linux in Toronto! :) )
> Later
> Tony

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