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Leclerc, Pascal Leclerc.Pascal at ireq.ca
Sat Apr 10 16:54:14 EDT 2004

Pas de problème pour moi mardi soir. Si c'est chez Phil, je peux passer
prendre Alex sur le Plateau.

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Hey guys

Very sorry for my silence.  Between some layoffs from work, some crazy 
deadlines, and looking for a house I haven't had much time for anything.

A short meeting is fine with me (anytime/anywhere) - I know for sure 
though I won't have time to actually code anything on wifidog until past 
this coming week, but I'm good for a meeting.

Philippe April wrote:
> Let's try this again.
> How about tuesday night? (sorry Tony, we need to have it ASAP and friday
> didn't work, so..)
> It does not have to take long, we just have to be focused and write down a
> little agenda before.
> Alexandre, Pascal, Mina, (Benoit, well you might or might not want to be
> involved, you're pretty busy already)?
> So before it's a go, I need to receive confirmation. For further meetings,
> maybe we could think about exchanging contact information because it looks
> like we all have busy schedules and it's hard to reach each other.
> Oh and the location doesn't matter, but Alexandre already suggested his
> place so if nobody's against, I believe it's on the Plateau.
> Hope to hear from you soon,
> Philippe
>>If anybody decide that it still a good idea to meet today, I will be
>>availiable. However, next week, I won't be in town. (I'm going to the
>>Realworld Linux in Toronto! :) )
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