[Wifidog] Source update

Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux saruman at northernhacking.org
Sun Apr 4 21:13:37 EDT 2004

hello all ;-)

	As mina suggested, I started the modification of wifidog to fork
before authentication and then use the return value as collected by a
SIGCHLD handler to set perform authentication in parallel.

	The firewall pruning has not been implemented yet.

	The t_node structure has had an "active" flag added because I need
to register the structure element before forking, so I register them as
inactive ((t_node)tmp_node->active = 0) and then the signal handler reset
them as active after validation. The pruning (fw_counter()) has been
adjusted to skip over nodes where active == 0. Stale inactive connections
should be expunged periodically, eventually...


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