[Wifidog] libhttpd

Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux saruman at northernhacking.org
Fri Apr 2 01:25:18 EST 2004


	I've been puzzling about this one for a while (as can be noticed
from my hard to decipher previous post) and I'm coming to the conclusion
that there are no "nice" ways of making libhttpd be anything more then
an iterative web server short of rewriting major parts of it.

	So I got thinking on a different angle. How about including
wifidog INTO an existing httpd? There are some lightweight httpd's out
there like BOA (70k stripped on 32-bit PPC, 58k stripped on x86) and
some even lighter weight ones.

	Including wifidog as a form of module to an httpd (or merging
an httpd with wifidog) might prove to be a viable solution?



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